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The focus of this blog is the Fraser River Gold Rush and the Cariboo Gold Rush.  I include my sketches of interesting gold rush characters and biographies as well as other history snippets.


I do my best to get all the historical facts correct on this website. For this blog I have referenced published books and manuscripts. If you are an educator, or a student please don’t rely 100% on the contents of this blog. There may be omissions, errors or mistakes. I am not a professional historian. As you may have concluded, I am a gold rush history enthusiast.


M. Poncelet


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  1. Bob Iofis


    We are trying to find traces of Jacob Davis in Fraser River area around 1858 – 1867.

    Jacob Davis is our ancestor form Latvia.


    I’ve looked and attempted to search the archives, but couldn’t find anything relevant.

    Are there any other sources of data available? Could you please point/connect me with local historians that can help? We are planning a visit to BC in June and we want to come as well prepared as possible.

    Best regards,

    Bob Iofis

    San Jose, California

  2. Mike Sarell

    Great website. A couple of questions: Was the 1862 sailing of the Tynemouth the only time this steamship came to BC? Do you happen to have the passenger list for the Tynemouth? I have an old mechanical calendar from Tynemouth (dated 1869) and I’m trying to find out more info about it, including how it got to Canada.

    Mike Sarell

    1. M Poncelet Post author

      The ship may be unconnected to the mechanical calendar, other than sharing the name. Good luck with your search.

  3. Mrs Pat Stroud

    I live in Devonshire and have been doing local presentations to various clubs etc. I was of the opinion that Dewdney’s origins were never validated – he was listed as born in either East Budleigh or Bideford, I also thought that his parents were not upper class as he hinted. I read “Edgar Dewdney’s Competing Agenda Part 2” with great interest – especially where he used his Father’s political contacts. May I ask where this information came from as I am totally incorrect at the moment. I thank you for any help you could offer as little is known of the man who came from Devonshire.


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