Writing Canoe has changed to BC gold rush press

For readers of this blog, I’d just thought I’d let you know that ‘Writing Canoe.com’ has changed to BCgoldrushpress.com.

I had a few reasons for changing the domain and first among them was to emphasize the subject of this blog which is the gold rush era from 1858 to 1870. This was a fascinating time in British Columbia history and much happened as the land west of the Rockies transformed from from the domination of the Hudson’s Bay Company to a British colony. All of this change was sparked by a series of gold rushes —including the Fraser River gold rush, the Cariboo gold rush and some of the lesser known gold rushes such as Rock Creek.

You will find helpful pages on topics such as the Cariboo Wagon Road, my own hand drawn maps gold rush maps as well as a helpful question and answer page.

I try to make every post a ‘golden lightn1ng’ of history that you can read and enjoy. Come back tomorrow and learn about General Joel Palmer, one of the colourful characters of the Cariboo gold rush.