From Hope to Lytton City in the Fraser River gold rush

Here is a 1860 census from Mr. Batterton of Ballou’s Express who provided delivery services to  gold seekers from Hope to Lytton City during the Fraser River gold rush.

Cornish Bar     30
Hope     150
on the bars between Hope and Yale  150
Yale                200
Yale to Boston Bar   80
Boston Bar to Lytton  80
Lytton City         60
Total population 750

He also provided a table of distances:

Hope to Yale in small boats     16 miles
from Yale, situated on the west side of the Fraser River, via mule trail to Spuzzum,
to the Ferry on Fraser            13 miles
to Chapman’s Bar, after crossing river       5 miles
The trail leaves the river here and passes over mountains via Lake House to Boston Bar. Three miles after leaving Lake House the trail strikes Anderson river, where the Hope and Yale trails unite  23 miles
to Paul’s Flat, east side, Yankee Flat, opposite a noted place      4 miles
Ensley’s Flat      7
Fargo’s Bar        1
Half-way House     8
Jackass Mountain   7
Lytton City        12
Total distance   96 miles