Bakery and Coffee Saloons

When one thinks of the gold rush era, saloons come to mind. But what type of saloons do you think there were? How about a bakery and coffee saloon?

Coffee saloons were a place where you could order coffee, tea, chocolate and pastries. Other than beverages, nothing else was usually served hot.

The lines blurred a little between coffee saloons and restaurants; some coffee saloons offered meals and some restaurants advertised coffee and pie available at all hours.
There were three notable bakery and coffee saloons in Barkerville during the Cariboo Gold Rush.

The first and most well known was Wake Up Jake Bakery and Coffee Saloon operated by Andrew Kelly. The Wake Up Jake still stands in Barkerville.

Another bakery and coffee saloon was simply called Williams Creek Bakery and Coffee Saloon operated by G. Miller and Co. which promised ‘meals ready at all hours’.

Who could forget the Hit or Miss Bakery and Coffee Saloon in Richfield owned by Jacob Heinson who advertised “Breads, Pies and Cakes constantly on hand.”