Applesauce: favourite food of the gold rush

Fresh Pork and Green Apple Sauce Dinner (July 22,1865)

Fresh Pork and Green Apple Sauce Dinner (July 22,1865)

Did you know that applesauce was common fare during the Cariboo Gold Rush? Applesauce was usually made using dried apples. In the notice above, printed in the Cariboo Sentinel, Cameron’s Pioneer Hotel advertised “Green Apple Sauce” – whether this was from fresh apples or green ones, we will never know. My guess is that they are referring to fresh apples, as another of the Hotel’s advertisements described a dinner with “plum pudding and green rhubarb.”

Apple trees were grown on Salt Spring Island as early as 1863.

Here is a recipe for applesauce from the “Canadian Housewife’s Manual for Cookery” printed in 1861:

Apple Sauce for Goose and roast Pork

“Pare, core, and slice, some apples; and put them in a stone jar, into a saucepan
of water, or on a hot stove. If on a stove, let a spoonful or two of water be put
in to hinder them from burning. When they are done, bruise them to a mash, and put to them a bit of butter the size of a nutmeg, and a little brown sugar. Serve it in a sauce-tureen.”