Trundle Barrow: How to Pack 400lbs to the Gold Fields

Trundle Barrow

Trundle barrows were used by gold seekers to carry their supplies to the Cariboo during the gold rush.

How did the gold miners manage to carry all their supplies? Before the Cariboo Wagon Road was built, there weren’t many trails wide enough for a mule and besides, mules were too expensive for most gold seekers.

With a trundle barrow, gold seekers could carry up to 400 pounds worth of supplies. One person would push the trundle barrow from behind while someone in front would pull it forward.

According to the Cariboo Goldfields Society, there was a winter equivalent of the trundle barrow known as the One Armed John.  Supplies were placed in a box fastened to a large ski and raised handles allowed one miner to push while the other would pull.