Historical Mysteries and Short Stories of the BC Gold Rush

BC gold rush stories

Mayhem at Rock Creek is an entertaining collection of eight historical mysteries and short stories of the British Columbia gold rush that will take you back to the 1850s…

  Hardship and conflict follow desperate gold seekers as they travel up the Fraser River into territory previously claimed by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Galvanized by their own greed and determination, they brave swollen rivers and precipitous trails to get to the gold diggings where gold commissioners and justices await, ready to take advantage of the gold fever.

Stories include: Trouble in Fort Yale, The Trial of Justice Nuttall, Rations in a Prosperous Land, Captain Hovie’s Messenger, Molasses Letter, Disputed Claim, Justice Arrives in Lillooet, and Mayhem at Rock Creek

Mayhem at Rock Creek & More Gold Rush Stories is available from Amazon or if you want the epub version (suitable for ipad) you can buy it from Smashwords for $2.99.

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