G.B. Wright: Cariboo Wagon Road builder

G.B. Wright

G.B. Wright

Gustavus Blinn Wright (1830-1898) was a prominent figure during both the Fraser River gold rush and the Cariboo gold rush. After spending several years in California, Wright came to BC in 1858, just as the Fraser River gold rush was starting.

He realized from the onset that there was more to be made transporting miners and supplies. He started off as a packer, transporting goods along the Harrison-Lillooet trail. In 1861 he joined Jonathan Holten Scott and Uriah Nelson in purchasing shares in the sternwheeler Maggie Lauder (rechristened Union later that year). Wright and Scott also bought shares in the Flying Dutchman in 1862 to increase further the capacity of their transportation companies.

Wright was one of three contractors who were awarded contracts to build the Cariboo Wagon Road as planned by the Royal Engineers. Wright was assigned to build an 18 foot wide trail from Lillooet to Alexandria. He attempted to have the road built to Soda Creek where he launched the Enterprise, the first sternwheeler on the upper Fraser River.

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