Gold rush people and their names

What’s in a name?

When you read about the Fraser River gold rush and the Cariboo gold rush, you will come across some very interesting and colourful names.

“Doc” Keithley – who discovered a rich gold bearing creek in 1860; one of the first finds that led to the Cariboo gold rush;

“Dutch” Bill Dietz – first to discover gold in Williams Creek;

“Twelve Foot” Davis – who earned his name from a twelve foot claim that earned him $12,000 on Williams Creek;

John “Cariboo” Cameron – had the second richest claim in the Cariboo but died penniless after a series of personal tragedies;

Then there was…

Frisky, Dutch Charlie, Dutch Peter, Dancing Bill, “Dad” Liverpool Jack, “Two Man” Brown, Curley Fitchie, Dirty Faced Pete, Wild William, Cultus Bill, Porcupine Billy, Johnny-up-a-Tree, Pete Bunchgrass, Kettle Belly Brown, Charlie-One-Lung, Popcorn Jim, Dad Black…